anonymously ask me anything!

Hi friends,

I have never felt as loved and appreciated as I have in the past few days. Incredibly, my words have apparently helped others, and I will keep talking if it means I could keep helping however possible.

*IMPORTANT: if you are an actual person asking something, please finish the question with a blue dinosaur emoji 🦕 so that I know you’re not a bot!! Thank you than you 🦕🦕🦕*

Here is a hyperlink to my new that I will be checking daily, and if I get enough questions to warrant a q&a post then I will gladly make one!

I also made a kubool account that’s basically the same thing, but you don’t have to have an account to ask questions. Here is the link to my kubool.

I’d love some guidance to help me create the best resource I can for others navigating mental illness. Ask away!


Ethel Ann

One thought on “anonymously ask me anything!

  1. Hello. I hope you are well. Please consider using kubool for anonymous messages. One doesn’t have to create an account to send a message hence easier for someone to leave a message.

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