things i have loved this fall 2020

I actually get a considerable number of questions about makeup/skincare/health in general, which is wild because I’m far from an expert about any of those. I do conduct a lot of research before I buy anything, and I do have eight years of experience trying to turn my face into a different looking face. This is also easy and fun for me to do, so if you don’t like it please X out. This will be a list of things from makeup to snacks to apps, so buckle up and hold on tight!

1) milk vegan milk cleanser (click here) — this one is so good for my dry/dehydrated skin going into the colder months. I reach for it over Obaji or drunk elephant. It removes makeup, is gentle on sensitive skin, and makes your skin feel clean without being stripped.

2) the app Hipcamp — this is how I’ve been planning my camping trips this fall, and it offers a lot of great spots on private land around MS. Think of it like air bnb for camping. A good NON SPREADER event.

3) rare beauty liquid luminizer in enlighten (click here) — if you’ve been wanting to dabble in the highlight game since 2016 but haven’t exactly wanted a metallic streak of glitter on your cheekbones, liquid highlights like this one can finally offer what you’ve been looking for. You can only see the sheen when it hits light. It’s a very Gen Z product, but I’m about it.

4) Tieduprightnow by Parcels — okay I know this is like saying I’m really into ice cream or dogs, but I for real can’t stop playing this song. It’s been happening for months. Please let me know if you know of a support group or something.

5) Blondes by Peach — the pop song I can’t get out of my head. I found this Aussie girl on tiktok who makes really funny tiktoks about her mental illness, and I think I just kinda fell in love with her and her music. The real gem is the one on her tiktok that says “stop calling me, josh” but has yet to reach Spotify that one.

6) The White Album by Joan Didion — I know this is predictable, but I’d somehow left this one till now. I mean Joan Didion is my hero, so this one doesn’t really require explanation.

7) Cancelled Plans candles on Etsy (click here) — these are packaged very nicely and so far have smelled amazing. Plus they just collabed with Jojo Fletcher, so what’s not to love if you’re a basic betch like me.

8) RawBeautyKristi’s collab with Colourpop — okay I know everything sold out in like a day, but there is a restock on December 11 if you’re interested. I bought the palette, and it’s a delightful fall-y rustic rainbow that I can’t stop playing with. I wish I were recommending more sustainable makeup brands. I’m sorry!

9) therapy — everyone needs to go to therapy at least once in their lives. Therapy has helped me more than medication has. It also becomes kind of addictive to have a paid professional obligated to listen to you whine for an hour. Nothing has to be “wrong” with you. Just try it out.

10) Boom Chicka Pop — holy SMOKES have y’all had this snack?? It’s kettle corn…but it’s like…heavenly kettle corn. I can’t explain what makes it so good. You just have to try it.

11) this FREAKING hoodie from Glyder omg (click here) — I actually received this in black in a mystery box they offered ($125 for 5 items? Yes please), and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s so much softer than I could ever explain in words. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m actually wearing it in my last instagram post, so you know the love is real.

12) Audible — this app in general has made me a reader again. A lot of times after spending a day on my instant-dopamine machine (iPhone), when I try to quiet down with a physical book I can’t get more than five sentences in before my eyes start rolling back in my head. With Audible, I can listen while I’m getting ready for my day, while driving, or while tucked under the covers with the lights off. I started actually running out of podcasts that were engaging me, and it’s nice to be able to read a book while walking your dog in the nice fall weather. Also, do you know that Diane Keaton reads the audiobook version of Slouching Toward Bethlehem?? Another classic, of course. It’s really freaking amazing, and they always have influencer deals that give you money off.

13) Actually using my planner — for years and years my planner served merely as a reminder of the work I had hanging over my head. I literally never opened one throughout my entire high school career (sorry, St. Andrew’s). However, they are absolute lifesavers if used correctly. I have one with stickers and everything now. It keeps me from that awful anxiety spiral you get when you realize finals are in two weeks.

14) not engaging in petty drama — this is my ultimate favorite of 2020. I’m not sure if it’s my age or the fact that I’m jaded and heartless these days, but I just do not have time for the fights I used to start with enthusiasm. I’ve had some unexpected things come my way, from insults to threats, and I’ve been lucky to be able to just…brush them off and genuinely not think about them again. Maybe my increased spirituality is helping me be more zen overall. Maybe it’s God Himself reaching down and lowering my blood pressure and rage levels. It feels divine to be in a position I never thought I’d find myself in — one that truly isn’t concerned with the opinions of others that do not serve me.

15) native plastic free deodorant in charcoal (click here) I can’t believe I forgot this bad boy in my first draft. I’ve really been trying to use less plastic where I can recently, and y’all I actually found an aluminum free deodorant that works! It’s better for you and you don’t have to waste a hunk of plastic to avoid smelling of BO. I mean, I might not use this on marathon-running or even gym-going days and expect it to keep me smelling 100% fresh, but on a daily basis I’ve found it works great for me.

Well…that’s it! I hope you find in this list something that makes you smile or helps you live a life of happiness and gratitude. I’m not sure how I found myself here, but I know that I’m lucky and loving every minute of it. Peace!


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