my Sephora sale picks, February 2021

Since my neighborhood literally ran out of running water (our lines froze), my school workload has lessened somewhat. I’ve taken that time this Friday to do some things I enjoy for a change, and one of those things is browsing makeup sales. I am somewhat of a connoisseur, having to take myself from a rough three to about a 6.2 using only makeup and my tools every day. I promise I know what the good stuff is. Below I’ll list some worthwhile picks from Sephora’s newly updated sale section.

  1. these Huda Beauty mini palettes are sensational, I have one in Coral that is my summer go-to
  2. Benefit blush, bronzer, highlighter palette — foolproof and a highlighter that will make you pass out. In a good way. It’s almost half off too, so go get it.
  3. THIS PALETTE is my everything. You can also get it for basically 75% off right now, so there’s little risk for really high quality product. Very beginner-friendly, as it’s not too too pigmented, making it an incredibly easy blend. The metallics are also bamboozling. Prepare to be bamboozled. Not to mention that it’s fully recyclable and vegan.
  4. this bronzer is not only very inexpensive for Kevyn Aucoin but also highly innovative at a time when it’s hard to produce makeup I haven’t seen before. I mean 22 dollars for a Kevyn Aucoin bronzer?? Come on.
  5. every metallic lid shade you need — a true silver, a true gold, a copper, and a cranberry…what more do you need if you have a crease shade (which could be your bronzer)?
  6. this lash curler/famous mascara combo — for 25?? That’s less than my last lash curler cost by itself.

I’m scared that if I wait any longer some of these options will sell out! Good luck, fellow soldiers. Just don’t get the bobby pin that says “vibes” in rhinestones, and we’re good.


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