black owned businesses I obsess over

I’m just going to say it — I’m an Etsy fiend. FIEND. I love supporting small artists/business, and I especially love getting custom stuff ordered. Today, however, I’m just going to focus on black owned Etsy shops I absolutely drool over.

  1. This one I almost don’t even want to divulge it’s so good. I kinda want to keep it a secret for myself because these nails are not only crazily beautiful but also reasonably priced. In the spirit of solidarity, however, I’ll share the good with y’all.
  2. I love how bizarre this shop’s offerings are. Doesn’t stop me from wanting those coasters real bad.
  3. This shop is so cool! I particularly love the notebooks.
  4. Okay so I love natural body butters and other goodies, and this shop offers an unscented version which is just so thoughtful of them. I adore a good unscented lotion that doesn’t interfere with your perfume.
  5. I don’t even have my ears pierced, but I’m considering it after seeing this shop’s inventory. JUST LOOK AT HOW MARVELOUS AND BEAUTIFUL.
  6. Okay I’m not sure this is a black owned brand, but the fact that these exist was just too amazing for me to pass up.
  7. This one isn’t actually black owned, but look at how amazing THESE earrings are. I’m going to Claire’s to get my ears pierced tomorrow — anyone want to join?

Support black business people. You don’t have an excuse not to anymore. I mean, did you see those nails?


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