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Historically, I haven’t been one to pursue outdoor activities. I’m much more of a be-stationary-in-one-place-for-hours-on-end type gal. I love reading a good book and drinking good coffee. I’m a student, so I’m required to be indoors doing work for the majority of my life. It wasn’t until fall of 2020 that I realized how restorative a weekend in the woods could be for me. I discovered an app called Hipcamp (basically an Air BnB for campsites) that led me to discover some really wonderful spots in Mississippi, and since then I have gone camping every weekend possible. I can now say with confidence that I’m somewhat of a Hipcamp connoisseur when it comes to our state’s campsites, and I want to share the wealth.

For me, being in and among natural beauty, particularly that of the American South, is like restarting my own brain computer. I didn’t grow up hunting or anything like that, so what may seem obvious to most of my fellow Mississippians came as a welcome surprise to me. I felt like I could finally breathe for a second, like I had a moment to readjust and come back to reality with renewed drive and strength.

I’m going to rank my favorite spots so far just in case anyone reading is curious about this type of adventuring. I promise you that it’s worth it, and I wish my parents had taken me on outings like these more often as a kid. I also want these places to stay open, so I figured sharing them would give them the best shot at publicity they very much need. Please click on the links provided to learn more about what each site has to offer. Here goes!

  1. this private property in Kilmichael (hometown of BB King) — owned by one of the coolest men I’ve ever met who grows garlic and keeps his property in tip-top shape, two secluded campsites available on the property, you always feel safe and tucked away, the owner provides firewood which is a HUGE bonus
  2. this little getaway in Enid (only 40 minutes from Oxford) — If you’re looking for a comfortable getaway from the bustle of city life, look no further. This micro-cabin offers electricity and heat if you want to camp on a cooler weekend. It doesn’t have running water, however, but that means that you still feel like you’re camping or “roughing it” as the owners say. These hosts are such dear people, and their property is beautiful and very near George Cossar State Park where the world-record crappie was caught!
  3. Tishomingo State Park — While this park is farther away from Jackson than the previous two options, it is well worth the drive. What really stood out to me about Tishomingo were its hiking trails that take you through all different types of terrain and past some really cool sights. If you like public campgrounds, this might be the perfect weekend getaway for you and your people!
  4. The All You Need Institute’s Burrow (De Soto National Forest) — Okay so I actually have yet to stay here, but it’s a finalist for the 2021 best of Mississippi. It looks amazing. The people who created this commune sort of place are very focused on protecting and increasing our ecosystem’s biodiversity. For instance, part of their work involves protecting the highly endangered gopher tortoise that burrows on their property. They do not stand for killing any animals, which I, of course, love to hear. I can’t wait to experience it and report back with more information.

While I know this post is relatively boring, I want to make sure to get the word out about these awesome campsites that have played a major role in my mental stability over the past few months. Being able to commune with nature and to have quality time with my dog and boyfriend have made me a much happier person than I was before I found this outlet. Now I can’t go a month without traveling somewhere outdoors! Please keep in mind that these are just the very best options I’ve found, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have questions or want more recommendations. Thanks for reading, and I hope you take the time to appreciate what Mississippi has to offer soon!


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