need some help with copy editing?

After seeing some local friends’ websites, I recognized how much a simple grammar error can draw the reader’s focus away from what’s good on the page. Having writing that lacks correctness and uniformity in spelling or punctuation can turn your hard work into a list of mistakes that distracts and confuses your audience. I’m not saying that I’m perfect by any means, but I am a college senior who is well-versed in the mechanics of the English language. I would love the opportunity to help someone with this somewhat random skill set I’ve built over the years! If you’re at all interested, feel free to reach out via social media DMs, email, or phone. I will happily edit copy of any form!

One thought on “need some help with copy editing?

  1. That’s a very smart and worthy offer. And you’re absolutely right about the limiting effect of a grammatical and/or syntax error.


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