some very random skincare tips from an adult acne pro

So I know this may seem awkward to publicly write about or to willingly draw attention to , but it’s another topic that I think could do some people a lot of good if it were destigmatized. Is that a word? I hope so. Anyway, I suddenly and unexpectedly had to learn at 22 that sometimes people get acne and, despite their best efforts, can’t fix it. I tried everything to try to get my skin back in shape — from medication(s) to hydrafacials — and it just wouldn’t get its act together for the longest time. Finally, I started to see some change, but I only saw that change after I learned how to listen to my skin and to answer its needs. I had to learn which products worked for me and how I had to apply them to effect the desired results. Since I’ve gotten myself unstuck from that quick sand, I’ve been compiling a list of products and routines that really seem to work for me. I figured I’d share that just in case there is someone out there who may learn from my mistakes. What works for me may not work for you, but it’s at least a starting point if you’re where I was in 2018 — acne-riddled and desperate. Without further ado, let’s get into my favorite form of lazy posting, a list.

P.S. I plan to keep this updated over time, so come back to check every once in a while to see if I’ve changed anything or added some fire!

  • lip balm dupe for the Laneige sleep mask that ROCKS — Carenel Korean Lip Night Mask — you can get three on Amazon for $9
  • If you’re really breaking out, try salicylic acid before using a retinol. I know it sounds intense, but the BHA actually gets your cells to shed faster and thus allows the retinol to penetrate deeper and work better. I call this the 1-2 punch, and oh boy does it clear your skin. Blemishes be gone!
  • Moisturize after applying any intense exfoliants, like any AHAs or BHAS or a retinol. Some dermatologists may not tell you to do this, and I have dry skin so it might only work for people with similar skin types. My dermatologist didn’t tell me to do this, but when I started putting on a basic, unscented moisturizer or night cream after using retinol I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. It was so much more radiant the next day.
  • People used to say not to use Vitamin C with Niacinamide, but that has since been totally disproven. Use that combo to your heart’s content!
  • Okay, this might be my imagination, but I really think getting a good air purifier by my bed made a big difference in my skin.
  • Sephora does you a favor by having a clean makeup and skincare section. Use those products. Junk your skin up with as few sketchy ingredients as possible. We don’t want any cancerous materials in our makeup!
  • Using a cleansing balm, like the Clinique Take the Day Off balm. All of those offered at Sephora work at least pretty well, and I promise they work a heck of a lot better than makeup wipes. They’re also so soothing going on. I know it takes a few more minutes of your time, but it’s worth it to really dissolve that makeup and get that stuff away from your precious pores.
  • Beware of foaming cleansers. Most of them dry me (dry combo skin) out.
  • I hate to promote Amazon, but sometimes our wallets have to take precedence when you’re trying to fund a female skin remodel, an endeavor that gets very expensive very quickly. If you haven’t yet, try the Aztec Secret Healing Clay mask from Amazon. It’s so inexpensive, and Bentonite clay has helped my skin so very much.
  • Zit stickers! I use Korean brands, but I’m sure the others work similarly. They work wonders for me.
  • My skin looks so much better when I’m drinking enough water.
  • Don’t use heavily scented products on your face. Fragrance is not good for your sensitive sweet lil face skin.
  • Get some facial razors for girls and dermaplane your face from home. It’s so easy, and it makes your skin SO SMOOTH and your makeup apply SO EASILY.

Show your skin some tender love and care! I hope this inspires ye lmao.


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