the most random favorites with no explanation

  1. mystery harry potter dudes
  2. this natural bug zapper
  3. this student printer
  4. this multipurpose non-toxic cleaner
  5. this flipping essential oil
  6. this bidet
  7. the best masks
  8. a most flattering tank (great layering piece too)
  9. world’s best concealer for a wopping $6
  10. how cute are these lil dinosaur dryer balls? And you’re saving the planet (dryer sheets are terrible for your body and the ecosystem)
  11. try to avoid plastic with this shampoo bar
    1. oh, and here’s the conditioner I like best. My hair never looks better than when I use these products
  12. one of the best planners I’ve ever used
  13. plastic free deodorant that actually works and is cheap
  14. this cleanser is my favorite at Sephora and also cheap
  15. these colourpop super shock shadows are everything, plus the proceeds help animals in need
  16. dive into springtime with these nail colors
  17. i’m going to add to this every time I get a new favorite don’t worry

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