Sephora sale items I want to gatekeep

Okay, Sephora has some deals going on right now that are so mind-boggling that I actually considered keeping them a secret for myself. As we all know, once sale products are gone, they’re gone for good. It almost physically hurts me to see some of these products in the sale section because, well, I’m a makeup fanatic, and they deserve better! I’m not going to go into much depth when listing these goodies, but just know I’m showing y’all the cream of the crop. Let’s get going.

  • Bite Beauty Power Move lipstick
    • Was $28, now $17
    • There’s only one shade left of this bad boy, and it’s a scrumptious pinky nude. Bite always gets it right — trust me.
  • Bite Changemaker liquid foundation
    • Was $44, now $22 (!!!!!)
    • I don’t know what this foundation is doing in the sale section, but I know that I got so many compliments when I wore this out. It has the most natural finish, and I didn’t need to powder it for it to actually stay on my face. The matching primer is also on sale, but I haven’t used it (though I’m sure it’s also great).
  • Artist Couture Diamond Lights shimmery highlighter loose powder magic
    • Was $24, now $17.50
    • These shimmers are just beautiful. I personally use them as highlighters and eyeshadows, but you can really do anything with them, especially with ~hot girl summer~ around the corner. Mix a little in with your body lotion and drop some jaws. Why not ya know?
  • Fenty Hydrating Longwear Foundation
    • Okay, THIS foundation is really the one that brings in the most compliments. The fact that this has been on sale for so long KILLS ME.
  • One/Size Palette
    • Okay I’ll fess up, I don’t actually own this palette, but I’ve only heard good thing. Plus look how beautiful!

There are more, but you’ll have to do your own digging. I’m bored lol.


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