Etsy holiday favorites 2022

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eyeballs! I have a very exciting list for you humans with taste 😉

Seriously, though, I am an Etsy aficionado — just ask my family. I have made each member of my family cry happy tears, whether it be from laughter or from emotional impact, in recent years, and it is largely thanks to my pals at Etsy. I talk to vendors every time I order from them because I love feeling like I’m supporting a real human with real talent. I think Etsy is a wonderful concept with an easily navigable user interface, so consider doing some of your holiday shopping using this list as a jumping-off point! These are all items that I have personally purchased and held in my own hands; y’all know I wouldn’t betray your trust by recommending some BS I’ve never laid eyes on (even though if anyone wants me to send them my wishlist version of this, then I will happily do so). Here are my favorites for this year, ranging from home to skincare:

  1. The cutest doormats I’ve ever seen — I found this shop when I was looking for doormats at the beginning of this year, and I look at them…all the time. They have the cutest holiday mats, and they also have funny ones, custom ones, etc. A personal favorite are the plain strawberries 🙂 🍓
  2. THIS MUG IS EVERYTHING — Whitney might be my favorite Etsy vendor. Sometimes she does custom mugs (so keep an eye out), and I ordered about five of them one year, ha. She doesn’t have the custom listing up right now, but Marilyn Monroe on a coffee cup this cool?? Yes please!
  3. I want to gatekeep this custom crewneck so badly because I have yet to get one of my own dog! — I have gifted this to my sister with two dogs on it, and it turned out unreal. It was the cutest gift I’ve ever given I think. Ask Bessie if you doubt anything I’m about to say — it’s a comfortable sweatshirt with beautiful hand embroidery of your very own pet(s)! She does single thread work, so it’s very impressive and very cool to give as a gift.
  4. Ugh giving up these gleaming examples of human creation to the general public is way harder than I thought it would be, but I’m going to let y’all in on a little secret. Y’all remember that watercolor portrait of me that was way too good that I put on instagram? Yeah, I ordered that from a Ukrainian woman with maybe the most talent I’ve ever seen. Get a custom portrait of yourself or your siblings (or both) for your parents. Boom. Christmas shopping done! P.S. She also does beautiful portraits of pets. I’ve gotten a portrait from her every year the past three years!
  5. THESE EARRINGS NEED NO INTRODUCTION. This whole shop — which you can access by clicking on the name LifestylebySenya on the righthand side of the screen — is just out of this world. I mean how do people make this stuff with their own hands?!
  6. This body oil is the best I’ve ever tried, and it smells amazing. Ten out of ten, would recommend!
  7. Do you like plants? This shop has the highest quality and most diverse houseplant selection that I’ve ever seen in some of the coolest planters.
  8. ONLY SEVEN OF THESE BAD BOYS LEFT! Mine turned out exactly how I wanted it! If you want to see pictures slide in my DMs lmao.
  9. This letter and key holder is my favorite purchase of all time, maybe. It’s just so dang useful!
  10. I haven’t taken off my evil eye ring since I bought it three years ago. I’m so glad to see that they’re still being made. Keep those demons away baby.
  11. The best budget gift ever for moms of four. I hate to even use the word “budget” because these ornaments are actually very high quality and quite cool. Check out this whole store in fact. There are some very cute things for weddings and parties etc.
  12. These ornaments are guaranteed to make the recipient get a little misty. They are so well done, and the artist will work with you to make sure it is absolutely perfect. The attention to detail is out of this world.
  13. This half apron is so well-made and absolutely perfect for any gardener in your life! My mom still loves and wears hers.
  14. Here are some of the cutest and best-smelling candles ever.
  15. This is some cool and unique wall art baby cakes!

Okay! I’m not finished, but I am headed to class. I will be editing and adding onto this list right up until Christmas, so stay on your toes sweet friends. Love and light.


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