amazon favorites for beauty (makeup & skincare)

I am an Amazon aficionado. I’m a compulsive shopper, which is very bad for me, but it’s good for you because I’ve become the apex predator of online shopping. I know how to tell real reviews from bought ones, how to find the best prices, and how to sift the gold from the millions of options on this particular website (I’m not sure if any of you know it…it’s, like, super small and not problematic at all) in minutes. I do so much in-depth research on my prospective purchases that I haven’t regretted a single thing I’ve bought in at least a year. In fact, most things I get become my favorite item in my home. Today, we’re diving into my real area of expertise: beauty. I’ve been following “beauty gurus” on Youtube since I was eleven years old, and I’ve grown up with mass over-consumption being the norm, Keeping up with every new drop by every brand, having the latest and greatest always, I remember the days when “de-influencing” would have sounded like a disease and nothing more. With all that said, I want you to know that I really know what I’m doing in this realm and that you can trust me here. I’m going to try to limit it to the best of the best, but who knows how long this bad boy will get.

  • A way, way better dupe to the Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter for a fraction of the cost
    • I reach for this puppy over my Charlotte Tillbury every. Single. Day. I get it in shade medium to subtly bronze the skin and make it just radiant and beautiful. I use it completely on its own sometimes, but lately, because I’ve been using a retinoid that I’ll link below, I’ve been using it atop this next product…
    • This is a tinted mineral sunscreen that works basically like a BB cream (if you remember 2012-2014), and it freaking ROCKS. It’s got light but buildable coverage, and when paired with the L’Oreal Glotion linked above, you may as well have on the perfectly dewy, natural-looking foundation. It’s also reef-safe and SPF 50. Did you know that the number one cause of skin aging is sun exposure? Wear your SPF friends! It’s the number one tip every dermatologist I’ve ever seen online or in-person gives. This one says it’s a “matte” finish, but it’s really just natural. It’s not going to make you look like a streaky, greasy mess like the Supergood Glow Screen. Plus it lasts all day.
  • Do you have dark circles under your eyes? This color corrector is so incredibly cheap, and it works. It even has a coupon?! It should be a crime that a product this good is available for only $3.
  • Dermaplaning my own face is one of my favorite activities. It’s satisfying, it’s easy, and it makes your makeup go on like it’s going over glass. These razors are the cheapest and most effective in my opinion. They’re fantastic.
  • I even got my mom onto this moisturizer because it’s so good, and it makes for a perfect makeup primer, It’s never done me wrong, never done me wrong.
  • You know those “Clean Towels” that are going so viral on TikTok right now? I hate getting my face dry with a towel because those hold all sorts of bacteria, so I got these bamboo cloths that are disposable (but bamboo so much more sustainable than if they were made of anything else) and cheaper than the Clean Towels while being the exact same thing. I’ve tried both.
  • Without exaggeration, this is my favorite lipstick right now. It’s like a lipstick and lip gloss in one, and I wear it to class every single day. Also it’s ridiculously cheap and also on sale. I get the shade Toasting Glasses.
  • Beauty of Joseon is a Korean skincare brand that is very well-respected, almost a cult classic among the skincare community online. From what I’ve tried, my favorites are their cleansing balm to get off makeup before double cleansing and then their Ginseng essence. Eastern skincare blows ours out of the WATER, and essences are basically supercharged serums that we can’t seem to figure out, but they’ve got it down in Korea.
  • Heard about this lash serum on TikTok too, and I’m glad to report that it does in fact work while being cheaper than most other options out there. It’s infused with biotin and other good lash-growing properties.
  • This lash curler is my favorite I’ve ever had, and I’ve had Shisheido and Shue Uemera.
  • This toothpaste has changed my life; my teeth are so much whiter. It’s also natural and enamel safe. If you get their whole whitening kit you’ll be blinding people with your smile. I’m not trying to be funny; I’m seriously saying they might get too white.
  • THE BEST CONCEALER TO EVER EXIST. Period. Medium coverage, super buildable, free of mineral oils, fragrance, sulfates, phthalates, etc. An eye cream, spot treatment, and concealer in one it says, and I believe Kosas because I love the brand.
  • Should I just go ahead and list my entire makeuip routine? I know talking about this blush is so over-done that it might be pointless to even say at this point, but if you don’t own it…what are you doing exactly? Do you live under a large rock?
  • I love these neutral Makeup Erasers. Nothing does it as well as the original brand, and these are the perfect size and cute. Makeup wipes are absolutely terrible for the planet and for your skin, so if you like that convenience but don’t want to be a ding dong, then try one of these bad boys.
  • Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you’re washing your face and the water runs down (up) your arms and down your sleeves? You must get these wristbands. They’re life-changing.

Okay I think that’s enough to start, but I have A LOT more. Let me know by liking this post or messaging me directly if you’d like to see dupes or more holy grails or whatever it may be.


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