Etsy holiday favorites 2022

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eyeballs! I have a very exciting list for you humans with taste 😉 Seriously, though, I am an Etsy aficionado -- just ask my family. I have made each member of my family cry happy tears, whether it be from laughter or from emotional impact, in recent years, and … Continue reading Etsy holiday favorites 2022

how I make sure my betta fish is healthy & happy

Disclaimer: I am not purporting to be an expert or an ichthyologist! I’m simply a girl who developed a borderline unhealthy manic obsession with betta fish in recent weeks, and I’ve learned how commonly mistreated they are. When I say I’ve done a lot of research, I mean I haven’t done much else for like…days. … Continue reading how I make sure my betta fish is healthy & happy

the most random favorites with no explanation

mystery harry potter dudesthis natural bug zapperthis student printer this multipurpose non-toxic cleaner this flipping essential oil this bidetthe best masksa most flattering tank (great layering piece too) world’s best concealer for a wopping $6how cute are these lil dinosaur dryer balls? And you’re saving the planet (dryer sheets are terrible for your body and … Continue reading the most random favorites with no explanation

nature talk

Historically, I haven't been one to pursue outdoor activities. I'm much more of a be-stationary-in-one-place-for-hours-on-end type gal. I love reading a good book and drinking good coffee. I'm a student, so I'm required to be indoors doing work for the majority of my life. It wasn't until fall of 2020 that I realized how restorative … Continue reading nature talk