a list of reminders that the world isn’t all bad

I’m putting this on the internet because I just realized I’ve been desperately combing social media for the past hour seeking out reassurance that I myself could provide. I’m in a place today where I feel…stuck. I’ve been doing schoolwork nonstop for weeks, and I’m about to hunker down for the rest of the semester because my schedule only gets more hectic from here. A year ago this time, just having that knowledge in my brain would send me into an anxious, avoidant downward spiral, but I’m trying to avoid that outcome, albeit familiar and bizarrely tempting. Though it may seem paradoxical, I’ve discovered experientially that sometimes in order to be my most productive self I need to provide myself with peace and rest on the front end. Before I ask my fragile, mostly useless brain to perform at its best, I need to nurture it. Tuck it into bed with an episode of SVU and some Oreos. If I fail to address my mind’s needs before putting it through considerable strain and stress, then its high-maintenance self will inevitably shut down. Thus, this afternoon I’m letting it have a moment of pleasant relaxation. I’m going to list some things that make the humdrum toil of life on Earth worth it. For no reason.

  1. When you come home to your dog after being around other dogs and he sniffs you really hard with a look on his face like he’s doing calculus to figure out everywhere you’ve been and everything you’ve done and everyone you’ve been around while away from him
  2. A bunch of different colored balloons all together (think Up vibes)
  3. The smell of your favorite perfume/essential oil
  4. The first bite of fresh Cane’s chicken tenders
  5. Getting under cold sheets
  6. The smell of freshly brewed coffee
  7. Clean sheets
  8. Taking your makeup off
  9. Getting complimented
  10. Therapy
  11. Hugging a friend you haven’t seen in a while
  12. Feeling genuinely happy for someone else and excited to see where their life goes
  13. Doing your people proud
  14. First kisses
  15. Dancing for real
  16. Picking out a truly *killer* outfit (or like a high school homecoming dress you pick out four months in advance…oh Iiii remember)
  17. Doing your makeup in a way that makes you a little extra confident
  18. Cats
  19. Horses
  20. (Obviously) dogs
  21. Finishing a to do list
  22. Getting a good grade
  23. Learning something new and really getting it down pat
  24. Listening to loved ones play the guitar
  25. Doc Martens
  26. This playlist
  27. Reading your favorite book for the tenth time
  28. If you’re a girl…you should check out something called yoni steaming. That’s all I’m going to say.
  29. Getting a present you’ve been really wanting
  30. Getting the whole family together (whoever your “whole family” might be)

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