top ten amazon must-haves for mental wellness and living with ADHD

Howdy, friends. I’m going to just make this list as concise and easily digestible as possible because we all want the goods with no fluff, right? I don’t have time to read my own longwinded posts, so I’m sure you don’t, either. Let’s try to do this the Buzzfeed way!

  1. this timer or this timer to help with executive dysfunction and task paralysis, my very favorite facets of ADHD! These changed the game for me — so simple to use and motivating when it comes to getting tasks actually completed. You can at least do readings for 25 or 15 minutes, right? These timers will set a quick countdown for you with an alarm to signal the end of the time you’ve allotted, and they really do work for me when it comes to increasing productivity. When I just canNOT do the dishes, I tell myself I can at least do something small to clean the kitchen in five minutes, and before I know it, I’m finished!
  2. THIS. FREAKING. JOURNAL.It’s prompted, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s quick, and it makes you feel like you just went to a mini therapy session. Each prompt is uniquely engaging and sometimes funny, and I literally save certain pages in this journal to do for when I’m feeling really down. I almost finished the whole thing in two nights, but then I made myself slow down. It’s SO GOOD. Another one that’s great is this one — I haven’t personally done it, but I bought it for a friend for Christmas and looked through it. It’s a very similar idea with equally enriching guides to better mental health.
  3. Okay, so I’ve heard that blue-light-blocking glasses are a scam, but y’all I swear that I get better sleep and get in bed sooner when I wear these bad boys. Plus they’re just cute. What makes them a mental health necessity is that they provide better sleep (in my opinion), and sleep is major key alert.
  4. I love dairy-free sweets when I can find good ones, and I’m preeeetty sure these truffles clinically cure depression. Maybe.
  5. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I recently finished Atomic Habits, and it changed my life forever. Suddenly I’m doing homework days in advance, no longer avoiding scary emails, and just generally keeping my life in better order. It’s an easy, evidence-based read that isn’t too science-y, and I loved every minute of it. So good for ADHD folks especially.
  6. Does your ADHD brain ever conveniently forget if you took your meds? Fret no more! These timer caps have a little digital clock that lets you know when the last time you opened the bottle was, and it removes any uncertainty about whether or not you remembered your fifth pill of the day (if you’re like me). I haven’t tried this next kind, but I feel like they’re even better because you can just plop your whole pill bottle inside the bigger container they provide to keep up with which medicine is which.
  7. Okay, so I’m a sucker for cheesy quotes…and I really like this poster. I feel like it’s motivational and poetic. SUE ME.
  8. It’s no secret that I love a journal. For the really dark times, try this one using tried-and-true therapeutic techniques to get you through the valleys.
  9. I love this little daily to-do list planner for those of us who have trouble remembering even when to drink water. It’s a good one. This is probably the best real-deal planner I’ve ever seen, and it even comes with stickers to tickle the kid brain in us all. Make it cute and fun for yourself to motivate yourself to keep referring back to it!
  10. For the days when you’re feeling particularly strung out, use this precious tumbler. I’ve been eyeing it for a hot minute, and I’m probably going to buy it, like, tonight. It’s a good size, and come on, you don’t need a Stanley. You need a breakdown cup!

Okay, I plan to update these lists as I continue to compulsively buy things and review them. I hope you enjoy this list so far and find some value in it!

P.S. If word journaling isn’t your thing, maybe try an adult coloring book. Here’s another motivational one. Here’s one with sWeAr WoRdZ for you edgy gals and guys out there. I got very into coloring at the beginning of fall semester when I was at my lowest, and it actually helped tremendously. Art therapy, baby! Enjoy!


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